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Get Ahead of Brake Repair With Sherman Tire & Service

Staying current with brake inspection is imperative to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Most major malfunctions and repairs can be avoided with routine maintenance, coupled with driver awareness. Sherman Tire & Service will help you learn signs of needed brake repairs such as: noises, smells and other vehicle malfunctions. Through driver awareness of these symptoms, problems can be easily detected to prevent long-term damages.
When these signs appear, consult your auto repair specialist immediately:
Sound: Unfamiliar noises such as: squealing, rubbing, and screeching are typical symptoms of brake pad or brake shoe malfunction. Inspecting curious noises should be addressed as quickly as possible to avoid further damage of brake pads and shoes, brake rotors and drums.
Vibration: Pulsations or vibrations occurring in the brake pedal or ste ...
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